Friday, 22 July 2011

Insomnium announce One For Sorrow

More details about the upcoming Insomnium album have been released by the band on for our perusal. The album will be titled One For Sorrow, after the magpie-counting rhyme. it will feature 10 tracks, one each for each line of the rhyme. Does that make it loosely fit the definition of a concept album? I'm not sure, but I'm sure it'll be awesome. From the band's website:

Guitarist Ville Friman comments on the album title, “The name One for Sorrow comes from a traditional children’s nursery rhyme. There are ten different scenarios in the original rhyme; likewise there are ten different songs and stories on our album. I think “One for Sorrow” truly depicts what this album is all about: bereavement, grief and loss.”

Release dates are split into three; 12th October in Finland, 17th October in the rest of Europe, and 18th October in North America. There is a little signup widget on to let you get news of pre-orders and the like. I'm sure I will be pre-ordering as soon as it's available.

There has, of course, also been a tour announced. Only one UK date, unfortunately, which means that chances are that we won't make it. 15th of November in London for anyone fortunate enough to make it! They're being supported (as you'll know if you read the poster above) by Before The Dawn, which makes the tour all the more bittersweet. I wonder if there's a way to travel 200 miles in half an hour yet?

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