Sunday, 1 May 2011

Northern Oak & Sanctorum @ The Frog And Nightgown, 30/04/2011

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Another Saturday, another chance to go and listen to Northern Oak. And what better way to spend a Saturday is there? Well, how about listening to Sanctorum too? Yep, that'd do it. And to top it all off, parody metal band Evil Scarecrow were headlining the night. And so it was we headed down the M1 a bit to the sunny village of Worksop, to the Frog and Nightgown, a strange little pub next to Halfords.

It was, in all, quite an experience. The Frog is certainly the hub of all types of alternative culture. Everone from mohawk-wearing punks to fairy wing wearing goths were in attendance. I would say that more sub-cultures and cliques were represented in that one small bar than I've ever seen in one place before. The staff deserve a shout out. They were amazing; professional, efficient, courteous and willing to have a laugh.

After a 3 hour soundcheck, a bit of waiting around, and rather more Coca Cola than I'd usually consume, it was time for Northern Oak to perform. They played Arbor Low, Gawain and Sylvan Lullaby amongst others. The sound quality was really excellent, proving that the sound checks were worthwhile.

Shortly after the set started, a strange mist descended. The smoke machine was working overtime, refracting and exposing the little ceiling mounted lasers, making the stage (and most of my pictures) look like this:
Fear the 80s laser disco!
Next it was time for my cunning switcheroo. I have a Northern Oak t-shirt, but I also have a Sanctorum t-shirt. Which to wear? Only one way to find out ...

Actually, best not start a fight. I'll just wear both at the same time. For the first 4 hours, I wore my Northern Oak t-shirt proudly visible. But after the set finished and Sanctorum were ready to play, I switched them around and wore my Sanctorum t-shirt on the top. It must have worked because members of both bands noted I was supporting them!

Sanctorums set was also excellent. The new material started to make a lot more sense to me. I was, after all, a bit underwhelmed with it before. It's definitely grown on me, and seeing an album played live can often cement it in my mind and give a fresh appreciation. It was another relatively short set, but definitely a worthwhile one. Great stuff.

Unfortunately, after all the waiting around, we didn't have time to watch Evil Scarecrow. It was closing in on midnight, and we sadly had things to do. Not all of us were entirely sober, either, which didn't help! So we headed out into the Worksop night.

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